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Letrozole to Increase Height

Experts have come up with a P450 aromatase inhibitor called letrozole to increase the height of young adults by delaying bone maturation which is escalated through the estrogen hormone.

Estrogen is responsible for regulating bone maturation and eventually causes the bones to fuse and initiates the growth process of a person thereby increasing his or her height. Studies reveal that letrozole inhibits the process of bone maturation and triggers a height increase without much effort.

A study conducted on young adults revealed a remarkable increase in height over a five-month period where children were treated with letrozole to reap the benefits of an additional height. It was proved that even through an extensive fitness and stretching regime such additional heights could not be achieved.

Related findings also support the view that an increase in final adult height can be achieved in young boys and adults who have open growth plates by hindering estrogen action.

Researchers therefore assert that pubertal growth rate can be blocked by preventing bone maturation and increasing height prospects through letrozole treatment.

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  1. plz tell how letrozole s to be taken and from where ???

  2. could u tell me more about this treatment, total cost involved and duration.

  3. how to increase my height???im 20 yrs female……150cm…….wat is da cost????

  4. whats letrozole ? what r its effect? can it help me in increasing my height? can i get it in pharmacy or medical stores?………………plz answer all my q’s fast …………they mean a lot 4 me/………………………..

  5. hi, i have heard of your letrozole formula to grow taller,i am a 39 year old man,can i grow.

  6. i am 21 years old.which will increase my height diet or exercise or letrozole

  7. what is letrozole treatment????????

  8. god only knows

  9. Hi my name is Nouman khan i am 17 years old ,can my height grow by using this formula of height increasing “letrozol

  10. Hi. I’m 20 years old, female..I’m Mongolian. My height is 5.2 feet.I wanna increase my height but “I’m breast feeding my baby”. She’s 3 months old.
    I heard about ayurvedic “Height plus capsule”, i want to know wether through this ayurvedic do i gain the height or not?
    Is it effected my baby, or dangerous? Please reply me as soon as possible


  11. i am 22 years old . Now i will gain height ? what are ways to gain height ? Particularly no side effects

  12. what is letrozel? and what is shoes treatment?

  13. what are ways to gain hormon ? what are the food items for gain height?

  14. what is the hGH drugs ? is it to gain height ? pls reply .

  15. John said on May 1, 2011

    I would like to address everyone’s questions to the best of m abilities.

    Letrozole will only increase your height if you are still a child. Most females stop growing around 16-17 years old. Most men stop growing around 20. If you are older than these ages, Letrozole won’t help you grow taller, AT ALL. Your growth plates are sealed.

    Letrozole just suspends the amount of time until your growth plates seal – giving a child more time to grow.

    The use of letrozole for height growth in children is something that needs to be carefully inspected and instructed through a doctor.

    Letrozole kills 98% of your estrogen in your body – and potentially may kill 100% of it. Estrogen is a necssesary sex hormone, without it, you will have joint pain and impotence is a possiblility in men.

    When coming off Letrozole, there will be a huge spike in estrogen, causing other problems – such as bloating and breast growth in males.

    I suggest you all accept your height, there is no way for you to become taller, HGH and Letrozole are just for children.

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