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Can Homeopathy help you Grow Tall?

Researchers claim that one of the effective and affordable ways of growing taller is by using homeopathy medicines. Many short people suffer from a sense of alienation, depression and have recorded to be low on self esteem and confidence.

Studies reveal that cartilages also play a very important role in the growth of a body. Cartilages cushion and support the joints and bones by lying mid way between them. Experts claim the necessity to feed the growth hormones with rich food ingredients in order to strengthen the cartilages which are now considered essential for increasing one’s height.

Homeopathy medicines have the ability to increase the strength and durability of the cartilages that support our entire body structure. It works in a way so as to stimulate the pituitary glands which increases the hormonal production and thereby the cartilaginous proportions in the lower parts of the body which contributes extensively to a significant height increase.

Experts reveal that young adults have the potential to grow a few inches taller even when their bone plate fuses in the lower part of the body. This is attributed by the fact that apart from the thigh bone, shin bone and other bones located in the lower parts of the body, the length of the spinal cord located in the upper part of the body is also responsible for considerable height increase.

Located between the vertebrae are the cartilaginous pads known as the disks. It has been proved that the thickness of the disk determines the length of the spinal cord which in turn influences the height of a person. So thicker the disks the taller you become.

Homeopathy medicines like silicea and symphytum can be taken to increase height prospects but with the due advice of a doctor or physician.

22 responses to Can Homeopathy help you Grow Tall?

  1. i want to grow tall i m 5.7 n wanna grow taller all of my frnds ve a good height plz suggest sm homoepathy medicine from which i can grow taller i m 17 years old..plz help me out

  2. hi sir could u tell me can i crease my height with homeopathy medicine even though i am 24 now…………..kamal

  3. hey my name is mitzee I wanted to know how can I increase my height. I am 17yrs old and am abt 5ft to 5ft 2inches tall.
    I have began to feel depressed since all the people around me are taller than me.
    I have to become 5ft 10inches tall in any which way.
    I live in India, Bombay and am also ready to take medical help for the same hoping they do not have any side effects . I desperately need fast results.
    waiting for your reply plz plz do so soon.

  4. hi sir could u tell me can i crease my height with homeopathy medicine even though i am 23 now…..reza

  5. Mohammed you still have the potential to grow taller as 17 years is ideal for height increase. I am currently taking homeopathic medicine prescribed to me for 3 months after which the homeopath said I will considerably grow 5-6 inches even though my growth plates have fused. Find a good homeopath doctor near you and he will assist you. Same thing for you Kamal but not sure if you will gain alot as you are already 24 but still give it a try.

    Thanks =)

  6. Hi SIR

    I am 23 year girl and want to increase 3 inche, Can you help

  7. I am 23 years of age and I took this medicine for a continous 6 months and was told to stop. Later on I noticed that I seemed to have grown which I acutally did from 5’6″ to 5’11”. At the age of 18 my doctor told me that my growth plates have fused and I can no longer grow, but with homeopathy it is possible!

  8. can u mail me the names of medicines which can help me grow my height , i am 23 nd 5.8″ , im a vegitarian…

  9. hi i am 28 yrs old
    and i have 6 month old son

  10. sir
    i am 28 yrs old n i have 6 month old baby
    can increase my height . right now i 5.2 inches.
    pls tell me medicine.this medicne will not affect my son

  11. hi sir ,iam 19yrs old and am 5.5feet.could u suggest a homopathy medicine for increasing height to grow up to 5.10.

  12. Hello sir I’m now 21 year age and 5.4′ in height. My all friends and girl friends are taller than me. So please please can you tell me some way that can increase my height at least 5.10′.
    Thanks and regards.

  13. Sir,i am 28 years old and my height is 5’4″.I want to increase at least 2inches more,thats why plz prescribe some good medicine.

  14. hi sir my height is 5.2 im just 19years old.plz tips for increase height

  15. Sir, I am 16.5 year old male and I am 5’3″. Please advise me the name of the homeopathy medicine I can take in order to gain height.

  16. sir,i am a girl and 17 years old.i am very worried about my height it is 5 foot.can you please suggest me any effective homeopathic medicine.and do they cause any side effects.also suggest me some measures.(exercises,food) to adopt to gain height.?please reply.THANKS…

  17. Sir,i am 19 year old male and i am 5’4″ tall please advice me medicines to increase my height to atleast 5’10”.plz tall me wheather those medicines have any side effects or not .plz tell about their doses as well……….
    i will be very greatful to u

  18. Sir,I am 15 year old girl and just 5 feet(155 cm) it is embarrassing to stand with my friends will homeopathy help me grow taller

  19. hi sir m 23 now….. i m 5’4″ now…..will you suggest some homeopathic medicines to increase my height about 4 to 6 inches????

  20. guys go to ABC homoepathy website. their is very good prescriptions from doctor deshlokh. i am myself gonna try silicea and baryta carb as they mention there. good luck. dont forget exercises, good food, and good faith.

  21. Hello sir,
    I’m 18 years old girl and my height is 4’11. Can i still grow if i start taking homeopathy medicines? If yes then what medicines should i take? How much inches can i grow?

    Thanks you!

  22. i m 16 and i m 5’3 i want to ggrow more taller plz help me.:-)

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