Grow Tall

Height Increasing Exercises for Men

Exercise 1:

Jog at one spot only i.e. run at one place without going forward for one minute. This is very easy for people of any age. If you are a heart patient do not do this movement. This exercise helps in improving the blood circulation in your body.

Exercise 2:

Find a wall where you can stand with your hand stretched upwards. Stand still with both your feet on the ground. Stretch your hand upwards and at the highest point that your hand can reach, take a sketch of pencil and make a mark. Relax and draw few lines on the wall towards the ceiling, each at a distance of half or quarter of an inch.

Repeat this exercise everyday and try to reach out as higher as you can for one whole minute.

Exercise 3:

Sit down on the floor, with your spine erect and legs stretched forward. From this position slowly start moving your torso to the ground backwards. Stop for a while at regular intervals. Then rest on your back to the ground for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise for four times.

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